PageFair Trusted Partners To Join GDPR Compliance Initiative

This note announces an initiative among adtech companies to keep online advertising operations outside the scope of the GDPR by using no personal data.
Dublin, Ireland (24 January, 2018) – PageFair has announced a joint initiative with eight other advertising companies to help equip website and app publishers with new ways of advertising  that fully comply with Europe’s new GDPR regulations.  Among the members are Adzerk, Bannerflow, Bydmath, Clearcode, Converge Digital, Digitize, SegmentIQ, and Velocidi.  The EU’s new privacy regulations will prohibit the kind of online tracking that has powered advertising up to now, unless every user gives explicit consent to the companies that track them. Publishers, advertisers and tech companies who ignore the regulation could face fines of up to €20 million or 4% of their global turnover.  According to PageFair, a growing number of ad tech companies are realising that tracking individual users is a convenience they can live without, and are preparing tracking-free versions of their products for the European market.
In December, PageFair announced a related product called “Perimeter”, which acts as a regulatory firewall for websites and apps, blocking potential tracking by default, while whitelisting approved “Trusted Partners”. PageFair CEO Sean Blanchfield said “This initial group is just a small sample of the companies who are committed to rewiring the advertising supply chain to work without personal data. Together, we have already designed alternative ways to provide advertisers with frequency capping, measurement and targeting, all without tracking individuals. We look forward to welcoming new members to our initiative, more privacy innovation, and to whitelisting all GDPR-compliant partners by default in the PageFair Perimeter platform”.
PageFair’s zero-tracking strategy contrasts with many other advertising technology companies, who are focusing on obtaining consent from each of Europe’s 512 million consumers, or who are hoping for leniency in how the law will be enforced. According to Blanchfield, “Consent has a role to play, but we already know that it will be hard-won and easily lost, and that the majority of online media revenue in Europe now depends on finding ways advertise without depending on personal data in the first place. Anyone who thinks that it’s business-as-usual this Summer will find that leniency is even harder to come by than consent.”
James Avery, CEO of Adzerk, said “What Adzerk is doing with PageFair means that advertisers will now be able to run digital ads safely, free from the large legals risks introduced by the GDPR”.
Nicholas Höglund, CEO of Bannerflow, said “At Bannerflow we’re committed to delivering a non-personal data solution for our clients and respecting the privacy of EU citizens. Serving millions of ads every week, this is core for us. We are working hard to develop a platform that can deliver valuable insight without any need to track individuals.”
Maciej Zawadziński, CEO of Clearcode, said “Clearcode views PageFair’s Perimeter as a  much-needed solution for publishers to comply with the GDPR and end to the out-of-control data collection processes in the current AdTech ecosystem. As a Perimeter Trusted Partner, Clearcode is committed to helping AdTech vendors and publishers become whitelisted by PageFair’s Perimeter and comply with other areas of the GDPR through our custom AdTech development services”.
David Dunne, CEO of Velocidi, said “GDPR is forcing brands, agencies and publishers to take greater control of their data. PageFair has created an ingenious way to facilitate GDPR compliance. Perimeter helps publishers manage data without leaving compliance entirely up to consumer consent”.
Publishers, advertisers and technology companies who want to find out more about Perimeter, or how to get involved can do so on

Further detail

1. Perimeter integrates with websites and apps, and acts as a regulatory firewall. It blocks all 3rd party personal data access. No unique IDs are allowed, or any other personal data, unless adequate consent has been given. This puts the publisher and their advertisers in a zero risk position because they are processing no personal data.
2. Adtech partners can be automatically whitelisted by Perimeter, provided they use no unique IDs or any other personal data unless adequate consent has been given.
3. Perimeter Trusted Partners can include SSPs, ad servers, analytics, DMPs, DSPs, SDKs in mobile, etc., provided they do not expose the publisher and advertiser to risk under the GDPR by using unique IDs or any other personal data unless adequate consent has been given.
4. PageFair is sharing know how about to perform adtech functions without personal data. (For example, RTB bid requests based on non-personal segments, frequency capping using campaign IDs rather than unique IDs, etc.)
5. Avoiding the use of personal data means that there is no consent required for the processing of personal data. This is ultra privacy-by-design adtech places publishers, advertisers, and Perimeter Trusted Partners outside the scope of the GDPR.
6. If the publisher does seek and get appropriate consent, then Perimeter system will permit personal data to be processed.
7. What this means for publishers and buyers is that they can sell and buy online advertising in direct sold campaigns and in programmatic without any risk under the GDPR. This is the start of a clean data adtech stack.

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