About Blockthrough

We're passionate believers in the free Internet and, at the same time, we're adblock users ourselves. We understand the vast majority of us just want a better, lighter ad experience, and we created Blockthrough to help publishers monetize their adblock users in a sustainable way. We believe that publishers have the right to monetize their content, and their users deserve an outstanding experience.

Meet the Team

Marty Krátký-Katz

Founder & CEO

Eyal Ebel

Head of Revenue

Matt Kendall

Head of Engineering

Leela Fallah

Senior Publisher Success Manager

Hena Elahi

Publisher Success Manager

Johnny Duong

Onboarding Specialist

Erin Stofko

Senior Solutions Engineer

Jessica Lang

Account Executive

Julie Stofko

Operations Analyst

Zhongshi Xi

Software Engineer

Bar Zaruk

Software Engineer

Diogo Monteiro

Software Engineer

Lawrence Hoo

Software Engineer

Arshaan Bhimani

Software Engineer

A Few of Our Advisors

Heather Carver

SVP, Seller Accounts Rubicon Project

Ari Paparo

Founder & CEO, Beeswax

Jill Orr

Ex COO Eyeota

Roy Pereira

Founder & CEO, Zoom.ai

Jordan Mitchell

SVP, IAB Tech Lab; Founder, Digitrust

Seth Demsey

Ex-CTO, AOL Platforms; Founder, Clean.io

Andy Atherton

SVP, Revenue Operations, Healthline

Paul Bannister

EVP, Strategy at CafeMedia