Overview of how the GDPR impacts websites and adtech (IAPP podcast)

In this podcast, the International Association of Privacy Professionals interviews PageFair’s Dr Johnny Ryan about the challenges and opportunities of new European privacy rules for website operators and brands. 
Update: 3 January 2018: This podcast was the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ most listened to podcast of 2017. 

The conversation begins at 4m 14s, and covers the following issues.

  • Risks for website operators
  • How “consent” is an opportunity for publishers to take the upper hand in online media
  • Brands’ exposure to legal risk, and the agency / brand / insurer conundrum
  • Personal data leakage in RTB / programmatic adtech
  • How the adtech industry should adapt

As we told Wired some months ago, it’s not just that websites might expose yourself to litigation, it’s that you might expose your advertisers to litigation too. But this can be fixed.
Click here to view PageFair’s repository of explainers, analysis, and official documents about the new privacy rules.
Elsewhere you can find details about PageFair’s GDPR solutions for website operators.
Note: the IAPP published this podcast this month. The interview was conducted several months ago. 
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