Episode 1: James Van Sweringen (Blockthrough)

Welcome to the first episode of Blockthrough’s new podcast, Slice of Ad Tech.

In this episode, our host, Neera Shanker, speaks with our Director of Revenue Operations, James (Van) Sweringen, about, you guessed it⁠—setting up and managing a successful revenue operations practice within ad tech.

Van has 8 years of experience working on data analytics, yield management, and partnerships for companies like National Geographic, New York Post, and Mansueto Ventures (Inc. and Fast Company).

On this episode, Van shares the tips, tricks, and strategies he’s learned and implemented during his time working in revenue operations, as well as ideas publishers can apply to their own business, including:

  • What publishers should be paying attention to heading into Q4 and beyond
  • The metrics you should be tracking but probably aren’t, such as auctions/pageview and Real CPM
  • The cost/benefits of running server-side auctions in parallel with client-side auctions
  • How to protect your revenues during a time of recessionary pressures and reduced ad spend
  • The importance of setting up alerts for tracking revenue anomalies
  • And more!

Tune in to the episode below:


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