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Tune into Slice of Ad Tech by Blockthrough to learn about the people, ideas, and stories shaping the $600B digital advertising industry.

Every episode features a new ad tech veteran, as they take us through their journey into the mad world of ad tech, the problems that they try to solve, along with insights and perspectives on user monetization, revenue growth, and the future of the industry.

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November 3, 2022

Episode 2: Christina Fiasconaro (Freestar)

Welcome back to Slice of Ad Tech. In this episode, our host Vishveshwar Jatain speaks with Christina Fiasconaro, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Freestar. Tune in to learn more about the strategies Christina has implemented while working in Publisher Development, as well as new ideas publishers can apply to their own businesses.

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September 21, 2022

Episode 1: James Van Sweringen (Blockthrough)

Welcome to Slice of Ad Tech. For our first episode, our host Neera Shanker speaks with James (Van) Sweringen, Director of Revenue Operations at Blockthrough. Tune in to learn what revenue metrics publishers should actually be looking at (not just your fill rate and RPMs) and tips on how to drive revenue growth before 2022 ends.