Blockthrough is the market leader in adblock revenue recovery

We're helping the world's largest media brands recover the revenue they are losing due to adblocking—without annoying their users.



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Plug-and-play demand

Easily connect your existing programmatic and demand stack

High-quality, light ads

All ads served meet the Acceptable Ads and Better Ads standards

Universal compatibility

Works seamlessly with most popular wrappers, SSPs, and ad servers

Recover Adblock Revenue

  • Most sites have adblock rates of 10-40%
  • We help recover revenue from this blocked inventory
  • No upfront costs or setup fee
  • Most popular solution with US ComScore-150

Deliver Better Ad Experiences

  • Ads are only served to opted-in users
  • Users can opt out of ads at any time
  • All ads comply with Acceptable Ads and Better Ads standards
  • Works for all device types

Getting Started is Easy

  • Minimal dev work required
  • Add a single line of code to get started
  • No tagging required
  • Dedicated account manager

2022 PageFair Adblock Report

In this sequel to the 2021 Adblock Report, we present the latest data for global adblocking, adblock rates by country and category, as well as our findings from a UX study where we tested user reactions to adblock walls in a real-world setting.

Trusted by Thousands of Premium Publishers

"We tested a handful of solutions, including a message wall approach, before we ultimately decided to go with Blockthrough for the team and their thoughtful approach to both revenue and user experience.”

Steve Mummey,

SVP of Digital Ad Revenue & Technology

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"Prior to Blockthrough, Healthline worked with another vendor that had a convoluted process of recovering ads with less than stellar account management. Blockthrough has responsive white-glove service for us.”

Chris Acosta,

Director of Programmatic

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1. How can I estimate my current revenue loss?

Revenue loss caused due to ad blockers depends on a number of factors including the ad block rate, average eCPM, ad density, and device traffic split. We’ve built a calculator where you can punch in these metrics and receive an estimate of your revenue loss.

2. What is adblock recovery?

Majority of internet users install ad blockers to avoid dealing with heavy, interruptive, and intrusive ads, adblock recovery is a technique that allows publishers to serve light-spec ads that meet the highest UX standards only to opted-in users.

3. Which ad blockers does this technology work on?

Ad recovery via Acceptable Ads work on all ad blockers that participate in the Acceptable Ads program, which includes AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, uBlock, and Crystal.

4. How much does it cost?

Blockthrough does not charge any fixed or recurring costs for the use of its technology, instead, we work with publishers on revenue sharing plans, where we retain a percentage of the recovered revenue as our platform and technology fees.

Other questions?

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