Better ads for your users, more revenue for you.

Using award-winning programmatic technology, Blockthrough helps the world’s leading publishers grow their revenue by delivering a lighter ad experience to 350 million users across the Web.

Trusted by publishers all over the world

Still fighting your adblock users?

Publishers lose billions to adblocking each year. At the same time, most adblock users don’t hate advertising—they simply want a safer, less interruptive experience. We enable publishers to cater to these users, without badgering them to turn off their adblocker.

Measure adblock rate across your sites

Confidently measure the percentage of your visitors who use adblocking tools—including the subset that’s already opted-in to receive a lighter advertising experience.

Seamlessly restore your ad stack

Leverage your existing direct demand partnerships, connected SSPs, and ad server. Our tech handles creative filtering and compliance. No development work needed.

Delight users with a light ad experience

We ensure that all ads served meet leading ad quality standards including Acceptable Ads and Better Ads. Delight your users with the high-quality experience that they expect.

Drive incremental revenue growth

Generate a predictable stream of incremental revenue that grows with your audience, allowing you to get one step closer to realizing the full potential of your inventory.

Key product features and benefits at a glance

Single-line integration

Just add one line of JS code to your website header to get started. Our technology plugs into your ad server or header bidding wrapper and acts as a filtering layer for ad quality compliance.

Plug-and-play demand

Easily restore all compliant bids from your existing demand sources and line items, including direct and sponsorship, programmatic, house, native, Google AdSense, Google AdX, and Amazon.

Grow ARPUs and Page RPM

By surfacing your hidden audience and making it addressable, Blockthrough helps increase average revenue per user, Page RPM, and other key revenue performance metrics across the board.

Custom report builder

The custom report builder allows you to slice-and-dice available data to create reports for secondary analysis and exports, providing enhanced flexibility to RevOps teams to glean new insights from the data and analytics we collect.

Discover BT Exchange

Blockthrough brings in premium demand via our direct seats with top-tier SSPs and competes against your existing line items on price priority. Connect via client-side, server-side, or Open Bidding integration.

Alternative monetization

We recommend Acceptable Ads as the primary solution for publishers. However, we also provide products to monetize adblock users who are not opted-in, including a whitelist wall and donation widget, to maximise revenue.


Sites powered by Blockthrough’s technology across the globe

3 Billion

Adblock pageviews monetized
each month with compliant ads


Total revenue recovered for our publishing partners to-date


Awards for innovation, growth, and contribution to the ecosystem

The gone fishin'
solution to ad blocking.

*Fishing gear and loving pet not included

Blockthrough is the most popular ad-filtering solution among the Comscore Top 150. Explore our case studies to learn how we help publishers strike the perfect balance between revenue and UX.

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