PageFair 2017 Report: The State of the Blocked Web

PageFair is pleased to release our 2017 adblock report. The state of the blocked web presents a combined picture of desktop and mobile adblock usage for the first time.

Mobile adblock usage is growing explosively in Asia and is set to spread to North America and Europe as well. This report also includes the results of our latest survey of adblock users, which used improved screening questions to specifically identify adblock users.

Quick Facts:

  • 615 million devices now use adblock
  • 11% of the global internet population is blocking ads on the web
  • Adblock usage grew 30% globally in 2016
  • Mobile adblock usage grew by 108 million to reach 380 million devices
  • Desktop adblock usage grew by 34 million to reach 236 million devices
  • 74% of American adblock users say they leave sites with adblock walls
  • 77% of American adblock users willing to view some ad formats
  • Adblock usage is now mainstream across all ages
  • Adblock users prefer standard display ads
  • Adblock users more likely to have bachelor’s degree than average American

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