PageFair 2017 Report: The State of the Blocked Web

PageFair is pleased to release our 2017 adblock report. The state of the blocked web presents a combined picture of desktop and mobile adblock usage for the first time.

Mobile adblock usage is growing explosively in Asia and is set to spread to North America and Europe as well. This report also includes the results of our latest survey of adblock users, which used improved screening questions to specifically identify adblock users.

Quick Facts:

  • 615 million devices now use adblock
  • 11% of the global internet population is blocking ads on the web
  • Adblock usage grew 30% globally in 2016
  • Mobile adblock usage grew by 108 million to reach 380 million devices
  • Desktop adblock usage grew by 34 million to reach 236 million devices
  • 74% of American adblock users say they leave sites with adblock walls
  • 77% of American adblock users willing to view some ad formats
  • Adblock usage is now mainstream across all ages
  • Adblock users prefer standard display ads
  • Adblock users more likely to have bachelor’s degree than average American

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  • The solution is needed. Very Soon is something which I can think can do the trick.
    Where publisher and their adblocker users can find a common ground to support each other and work together.

    • Maybe,just maybe, if ads weren’t so intrusive, distracting and abusive I wouldn’t be even using adblock. Yes,the solution is needed: Make better ads that aren’t long, annoying, with audio, skippable, and most importantly: not intrusive at all.
      The situation on youtube is terrible, to watch a 15 seconds video i’ll always get a 30 seconds unskippable ad. That’s why I’m supporting Adblock. For this exact reason.

      • Content marketing is the clever solution. Intrusive, time wasting ads are dead. Build a blog and begin producing valuable content: like ‘how to’ ‘did you know’ type videos and articles. Watch your SEO and business reputation soar.

  • From a marketing perspective this was very interesting. Especially when we are in the process of planning AdWord campaigns.
    Very cool interactive map by the way..!

    • Adwords is a waste of money. The under priced media are on social media sites. 2 billion on Facebook. If you set up a blog on your main website, this allows you to promote what you offer in a valuable way, plus it builds your SEO and reputation. Implement becoming a media company 🙂

  • “But blocking all the ads will kill all the publishers and creators source of income.”
    Only of those who naively base their business strategy on an ad revenue scheme.
    “But no ads is not an option.”
    Yes it is. Ad marketeers are just internet users like the rest of us. In fact, as a community, they are relatively new. Before they got the idea of leeching off of other peoples work by exploiting greed, illusions of grandeur and wealth, the internet was basically the medium to publish content for its own sake.
    “Uses have to accept that they have give up something to get something.”
    Perhaps, but what is given up by allowing ads simply is disproportionate to what users get in return.

  • I wasn’t even aware or thinking about using adblock. This cross my mind when Hostgator ad kept on popping up in my social media and Youtube videos. Imagine there were videos with more than 10 intervals of advetisement for a 50 minutes video. Came the day I searched for the phrase “adblock” in Google and now, it’s bliss and free from that ugly blue alligator!

  • Advertising industry foists bloated, bandwidth-wasting junk on people for decades, then gets surprised when people get sick of it and refuse to take it any more.
    Ads and tracking code often take an order of magnitude more bandwidth to load than the content itself.

    • What’s surprising (not surprising if you know the history of adblocking) is that the highest concentration of adblocking is on sites where ads have historically never been very bad.

  • This all points to the much larger picture-we are all pretty much over blatant advertising and being interupted. We hate having our time wasted by advertising which offers us zero value. The way forward is clear: Content marketing is the clever approach. Produce valuable content to attract the right people to what you do. We have to become media companies. We will all be hiring writers, editors and video specialists. Advertising is dead, content marketing is here.

  • Blockers steal money from sites and advertisers and creates a false measure of campaign’s reach. If so, why there is such poor awareness in the publishing industry and others as retail on the blocking phenomena? All people speaks about blockers and nobodies about anti blockers

  • There’s lots of misconception, some ads blocker malfunctioned and ends up blocking even the the sites that only uses header and footer to display ads. It doesn’t make sense.

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