PubGalaxy by Azerion: Maximizing monetization with Blockthrough

PubGalaxy by Azerion is one of the leading monetization platforms that empowers publishers to measure, optimize, and grow their advertising revenue. By leveraging a combination of cutting-edge technology and human expertise, PubGalaxy delivers superior results while maintaining high-quality ad experiences.

Being a holistic monetization provider, PubGalaxy always has its sights on both performance and user experience, helping publishers navigate the delicate balance between the two. Today, PubGalaxy’s customer base enjoys a complete monetization service with uncompromised ad experiences, thanks to the partnership with Blockthrough.

“We have never felt the need to switch vendors”

As an integral part of the Azerion platform, PubGalaxy effectively manages the monetization strategies of numerous unique publishers worldwide, specializing in verticals such as technology, shopping, hobbies and interests, and travel.

Notable clients, including Dealmoon, GSMArena, Wccftech, Photopea, and Programiz, rely on PubGalaxy’s expertise and comprehensive services.

With an exponential rise in the adoption of ad blocking in preceding years, in 2018, the PubGalaxy team started exploring means of addressing lost revenue, in order to improve their ad monetization offering.

During the evaluation process, PubGalaxy conducted A/B tests to compare Blockthrough’s performance against two other alternatives available in the market. After careful consideration, PubGalaxy opted to partner with Blockthrough due to its out-of-the-box support for the majority of their key supply-side partners.

“Since the inception of our partnership in 2018, we have never felt the need to switch vendors,” remarks Nikolay Djagarov, SSP Partnerships Manager at Azerion.

More revenue, less manual work

Blockthrough generates revenue for PubGalaxy by delivering Acceptable Ads to users. With the Acceptable Ads Standard, over 250 million users across the web consent to receiving a light ad experience while blocking intrusive ad formats, including animated ads, video ads, and auto-playing ads.

“Blockthrough is highly responsive and proactive, consistently delivering valuable insights and seizing new opportunities.”

Integrating seamlessly into publishers’ monetization stacks, Blockthrough’s technology acts as a filtering layer. Upon detecting users who consent to Acceptable Ads, the script initiates the auction, scans the bidstream for compliant creatives, and submits the winning bid to the ad server.

PubGalaxy thus expanded its monetization capabilities by enabling their existing supply-side partners to place bids on this new” inventory.

In early 2022, Blockthrough transitioned PubGalaxy’s integration from a static to a dynamic configuration. This pivotal shift enables Blockthrough to dynamically scrape ad unit configurations and demand partner settings from publisher pages. “This transition has been a game changer for us, significantly reducing the time and effort required to integrate Blockthrough across our portfolio,” emphasizes Nikolay.

Making the invisible, visible

Since 2020, Blockthrough has monetized over 600 million Acceptable Ads pageviews for PubGalaxy with a lighter ad experience. These pageviews usually also go undetected by tools like Google Analytics. Nikolay reveals, “Blockthrough’s revenue typically accounts for up to 10% of our publishers’ earnings.”

(Page RPM growth from new features and optimizations, Jul-2021 to Nov-2022)

Blockthrough’s technology seamlessly generates a consistent revenue stream without disrupting users’ browsing journey or resorting to heavy-handed tactics such as forcing users to disable their ad blocking tools or extensions.

This approach ensures minimal friction, prevents page abandonment, and preserves the intrinsic value exchange between publishers and users on the Web.

In addition to its innovative technology, Blockthrough distinguishes itself through its hands-on support and expertise. The Publisher Success team provides timely monitoring of performance, valuable feedback, and proactive optimization proposals. Nikolay affirms, “The team at Blockthrough is highly responsive and proactive, consistently delivering valuable insights and seizing new opportunities.”

By partnering with Blockthrough, PubGalaxy has achieved remarkable results, boosting its revenue streams while safeguarding a superior user experience. The integration of Blockthrough’s advanced technology ensures seamless monetization and sustainable growth for publishers in the dynamic digital landscape.

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Did you know that the average publisher loses 10-40% of their revenue to ad blocking? What you may not know is that ad blocking has largely shifted to ad-filtering, with over 350M users allowing a safer, less interruptive ad experience to be served to them—in turn supporting their favorite sites and creators.

Blockthrough's award-winning technology plugs into publishers' header bidding wrapper and ad server to scan ad creatives for compliance with the Acceptable Ads Standard to activate this "hidden" audience and generate incremental revenue, while respecting the choice and experience of ad-filtering users.

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