Blockthrough and AAX join forces as a single business unit

Following eyeo’s recent acquisition of Blockthrough, today we are announcing the merging of Blockthrough and AAX (“Acceptable Ads Exchange”). From this point onwards, AAX will be known as Blockthrough, and customers of both companies will be served by a single business unit under the eyeo group.

Over the past few years, Blockthrough and AAX (a subsidiary of eyeo), have established themselves as leaders in the programmatic monetization of Acceptable Ads users. At the time of writing, both companies manage monetization for well over 15 Billion available ad impressions per month for their partners.

Together, the companies serve the majority of the Top 100 Comscore publishers, as well as thousands of independent websites, to help restore a fair value exchange between ad-filtering users, publishers, and advertisers by simplifying participation in the Acceptable Ads Standard.

“This strategic merger will bring two companies with unique offerings for publishers together into the eyeo group, enabling us to further improve our mission to ensure that publishers, advertisers and users can mutually benefit from a free and open internet. I’m truly excited for what’s to come and am certain that eyeo, together with Blockthrough, will make strides in fostering a sustainable and fair value exchange in the ad tech ecosystem,” says Jan Wittek, CRO at eyeo.

This merger allows both companies to share proprietary knowledge and best practices, in order to continue building the most advanced programmatic solution for Acceptable Ads monetization. Blockthrough and AAX combined have more experience in solving this revenue problem than any other company in this space. Furthermore, this merger will also provide unprecedented scale for brands and agencies to engage with a distinctive and highly attractive demographic of young, well-educated, and tech-savvy users who consent to see nonintrusive ads.

“We’re really excited for this next chapter in Blockthrough’s story. Although Blockthrough and AAX took slightly divergent paths in their tactical approach to helping publishers—both companies share the same underlying vision. We want users to be able to choose how they experience the web, and at the same time, publishers to be able to build thriving, sustainable businesses. I also want to take this opportunity to officially welcome the AAX team to Blockthrough. I can’t wait to see what our team will accomplish together,” adds Marty Kratky-Katz, Co-Founder and CEO of Blockthrough.

For the customers of Blockthrough and AAX, this merger will ensure continued access to best-in-class programmatic solutions for Acceptable Ads, superior support leveraging resources across AAX, Blockthrough, and the eyeo group, and ultimately, improved revenue performance in the long run. Our product and engineering teams are hard at work streamlining roadmaps and developing our optimized, comprehensive solution for Acceptable Ads monetization.

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Did you know that the average publisher loses 10-40% of their revenue to adblocking? What you may not know is that adblocking has largely shifted to ad-filtering, with over 250M users allowing a safer, less interruptive ad experience to be served to them—in turn supporting their favorite sites and creators.

Blockthrough's award-winning technology plugs into publishers' header bidding wrapper and ad server to scan ad creatives for compliance with the Acceptable Ads Standard to activate this "hidden" audience and generate incremental revenue, while respecting the choice and experience of ad-filtering users.

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