Scope3 and Blockthrough partner to help brands reduce their carbon emissions

New product offering delivers programmatic access to high-quality, low-carbon inventory from top US publishers.

Scope3, the source of truth for supply chain emissions data, has partnered with Blockthrough, makers of the world’s most widely adopted adblock monetization technology, to further sustainability in digital advertising.

Today, we are announcing Blockthrough’s upcoming Q2 launch of the advertising industry’s first low-carbon ad product, together with our launch partners, Accuweather, Cafe Media and Freestar. Born out of our partnership with Scope3, this product will allow brands and agencies to target Blockthrough’s low-carbon inventory using their existing DSPs via a universal Deal ID.

As a result, brands and agencies will be able to buy premium, brand-safe display inventory with a lower carbon footprint compared to other inventory, as validated by Scope3. Many brands and agencies have committed to significant carbon reduction goals, and Blockthrough’s new low-carbon ad product will enable them to get closer to these goals by reducing the carbon emissions caused by their programmatic ad buying.

Digital advertising is a $455 billion industry with a meaningful carbon footprint, largely from the electricity used by the millions of servers required to power ad serving, real-time bidding, machine learning, and a myriad of related functions.

For organizations seeking to make carbon-aware business decisions, Scope3 is the standard that delivers an accurate, comprehensive, and independent emissions model for every company in the digital advertising ecosystem. This allows advertisers and agencies to measure, report and offset the digital emissions from the advertising supply chain and continuously factor these emissions into campaign planning and execution decisions.

Blockthrough’s core product helps publishers recover the revenue they lose due to adblocking by serving lighter ads that meet the Acceptable Ads Standard to opted-in adblock users. The Acceptable Ads Standard excludes ad formats that user studies deem too interruptive or intrusive, such as animated ads, auto-refresh ads, and video ads, among others.

Through our partnership with Scope3, we’ve learned that these excluded formats actually consume significantly more bandwidth and computing resources, resulting in a higher carbon footprint. In other words, the formats that are most annoying to users also happen to be bad for the environment, making Acceptable Ads inventory a low-carbon supply path by default.

“Through this partnership with Blockthrough, we’re creating value for consumers who lean towards a privacy-safe advertising experience, and brands, agencies, and publishers that are seeking to embrace sustainability as a core focus area. We see both of those things on a continuum and this initiative will connect the dots between two important trends that will help shape the next wave of innovation in digital advertising.”

Brian O’Kelley, co-founder and CEO of Scope3

“We are beyond excited to partner with Scope3 and our amazing launch partners Accuweather, Cafe Media and Freestar to help make advertising on the web more sustainable. Our work with Scope3 has educated us on the carbon footprint of our existing product and online advertising at a macro level, and it turns out that Acceptable Ads are sustainable ads, in all senses of the word.”

Marty Krátký-Katz, co-founder and CEO of Blockthrough

“Freestar prides itself on bringing cutting-edge ad technology to thousands of publishers across the world. We believe that the work Scope3 and Blockthrough are doing to create low-carbon supply paths within the ad tech ecosystem is an early glimpse into the future of digital advertising, and we are excited to be a part of that future by opening up our inventory to buyers who value sustainability.”

Laura Gaffney, chief growth officer at Freestar

For additional information about the partnership between Blockthrough and Scope3, the work that our companies are doing to further sustainable advertising, or for early access to Blockthrough’s low-carbon ad product as a publisher, brand, or agency, please get in touch.

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