Podcast: discussion with Jason Kint (DCN)

I spoke with Jason Kint, CEO of Digital Content Next (DCN), which represents the most prestigious publishers in the world, including The New York Times, The Financial Times, Disney, Bloomberg, Vox.

In our podcast, we discuss pressing issues for publishers and marketeers including: native advertising, adblocking, micropayments, measurement, the media economy and publisher business models, transparency in the advertising market, and Facebook’s decision to show ads to adblockers. Listen below.

The whole discussion is interesting, but there are two statements, in particular, to listen to: (from 32:10)

The consumer has a right to have an adblocker. People ask me if that’s unethical and I say absolutely not.

Jason Kint, CEO of DCN

The publisher has a right to serve advertising to the audience. … If the audience comes into a site and has an adblocker and the publisher goes ahead and serves advertising to that audience I think there should be some sort of disclosure about that, and that advertising should meet the consumer’s expectations. And if it solves for the issues of a better user experience, security, and privacy, then I think it’s OK. And I don’t think the audience is going to have any issue with that either. That’s part of the value exchange.

Jason Kint, CEO of DCN

The discussion was recorded on 2 September 2016. Let us know what you thought of it.

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