Adtech must change to protect publishers under the GDPR (IAPP podcast)

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The follow up to the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ most listened to podcast of 2017. 
Angelique Carson of the International Association of Privacy Professionals quizzes PageFair’s Dr Johnny Ryan on the crisis facing publishers, as they grapple with adtech vendors and attendant risks ahead of the GDPR. The podcast covers:

  • Why personal data can not be used without risk in the RTB/programmatic system under the GDPR.
  • Where consent falls short for publishers.
  • How vulnerable the online advertising system is, because of central points of legal failure.
  • The GDPR is part of a global trend. New privacy standards are on the way in other massive markets including China (and in important tech ecosystems such as Apple iOS, Firefox).

This is the follow up to an earlier IAPP and PageFair podcast discussion (which was the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ most listened to podcast of 2017).


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