Stop Adblock Killing Your Ad Revenue

As a publisher, you face diminishing returns as you try to optimize your ad revenue. The best way is to drive more traffic, but that’s easier said than done. As you’re about to learn, finding new visitors may not be necessary. The truth is that up to 50% of your ad impressions are being lost. These are the ad blockers, and they’re invisible to your ad server. We’re here to teach you how to reach them.

Your Hidden Audience

Plain and simple, adblocking software stops ads from displaying on web pages. While studies have shown that intrusive advertisements create negative connotations towards online advertising, the implications of adblocking often go unnoticed by publishers. When an ad is blocked, an impression is never counted on your ad server. This leads to misleading and inconsistent data from website analytics and ad servers. More importantly- blocked impressions mean lost ad revenue.
Adblock users are not the same as your other visitors; they’ve clearly expressed that they don’t like intrusive ads. This attitude towards online advertising presents new challenges as well as opportunities for publishers to reach out to their hidden visitors.

Can You Stop Ad Blocking?

The most commonly tried approach is to appeal to these visitors. An on-screen message informs them about the financial implications of blocking ads, and asks them to support the site. One notable example of this approach is OK Cupid, who asked adblockers to donate $5 for a legitimate ad-free experience on their site. This approach recognizes that adblock users want to avoid ads. (You can try this approach right now for free, using our product PageFair).

More recently a group of German newspapers made a joint appeal to ad blockers to ‘whitelist’ (allow ads on) their sites, but they failed to change their ad content for these visitors. They showed the same intrusive ads to users who whitelisted, causing a large backlash from the community. The intrusive nature of their ads triggered users to re-enable adblock.
One blogger, Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Dish, announced earlier this year that he would forego ads and instead generate revenue through a paywall. While some were skeptical at first, his approach seems to be working, bringing in 2/3rds of his $900k goal for the year in just two months. However, this probably isn’t a sustainable alternative. Paywalls may work for some sites, but not for those containing content that can easily be found elsewhere.
Some websites have tried the extreme step of blocking website access for users of adblock- an ‘adblock wall’. The most noteworthy application of this approach has been Arstechnica hiding content, but with little success. Visitors simply choose to go elsewhere.

Take Control: Engage with Ad Blockers

With new technology comes a new type of consumer. Adblock users are a significant, growing contingent of your website visitors. There are multiple ways to engage them, but we need to appreciate and respect their motivation for blocking ads in order to harness their value to the site.
Showing appeals, testing their effectiveness, and educating your visitors are all services we offer at PageFair. You can customize the message to your users and learn what appeals to them. But keep in mind that if we continue to show intrusive ads to these visitors, then they will continue to block ads and in turn, remain hidden.
Start accessing these hidden visitors with our free analysis.
PageFair offers services to measure how much ad blocking is costing you, as well as educating your visitors on the repercussions of ad blocking.

  • Stop the ads popping up on every youtube video and I will gladly stop using adblock. (That is the main reason I use adblock because having to watch long ads before watching the actual youtube video is extremely annoying!)

    • The thing is, Youtube gives you something for free. You use the site for free. 20.000 people work there to make possible what results in you seeing stuff for free. And they show ads, because that’s what they need to survive. Okay, youtube is a bad example because it’s a multi-billion-dollar-company, but you get the idea. By surpassing their rules, well, you are just a parasite using them without accepting the rules, that’s basically stealing. The 50% adblocking users costs a lot of traffic, work, maintenance etc.. This is like using the subway without paying. You harm the social-economical system behind it. Websites need ads to pay their employees, they don’t do it to annoy you.

      • At least put one big commerical in the beginning or heck in the end of the video instead of individual commericals scattered throughout the video so I don’t have to be interrupted like every minutes because it breaks the flow of watching the videos. I would understand if it like a episode of a tv show but if it is just a long video about some random thing like a walkthrough or a countdown video, it is getting pretty annoying.

          • People are being greedy by placing multiple ads or extremely long ads on their videos just to make money, not understanding that there are people who don’t care or are annoyed by ads that are sometimes too long, too annoying and don’t always have a skip button and thus want some relief from the constant barrage of ads.

          • Video ads revenue from a channel is taken by google. The content makers receive only about 10%.

    • You do know those ads your are blocking are not helping the YouTuber partners, correct? When you watch someones video, and you watch the ad the person who created the video gets a couple pennies.

  • Thing is, adblockers aren’t killing anything. Websites who doesn’t understand that they brought it upon themselves by using intrusive and annoying ads, that kind of “forced” people to adopt adblocker to have a good experience on their site, are killing their ownsites. People in business only have one person to blame if their busniess fails, and that’s themselves, not the people who choose not to support them.

    • On my site i have ads on the sidebar, and header/footer… these are banners, i never used popups or anything too intrusive. All ads are gaming related (it’s a gaming site) %20~ of my visitors use adblock ( i have a counter). while the majority of people is fine with that there are some folks that won’t accept the minimal advertising anywhere…there’s this mentality that “internet = free”. That’s not truth at all, if you have a website with a high volume of visitors you’ll see some rather high expenses (bandwidth mostly) denying the chance to earn back the money to the webmaster is a slap in the face really. You see a lot of ads on TV (or pay a fee), magazines have entire pages of ads, so does the newspaper, and every site on the internet except a few (like wikipedia) who receive millions of dollars in donations…well we, the small publisher must deal with: having fresh content every day pay our bills and expect nothing in return apparently…does this look fair?

      • First of, no I don’t see ads on the tv, I change channels, I don’t really see ads in papers/magazines, I flip the page, sure i notice there are ads, but not which ads, thus I do not see them, besides, banner blindness. And yes that is absolutely fair. You chose to put your content out for free, you didn’t sign a contract promising you an hourly wage, you don’t have any bosses that have the responsibility of making money for a company, so you really can’t expect a steady pay. It is your own responsibility to make sure you can make a living from your business, and if your business plan sucks, it’s your responsibility to make it better. In other words, when you set up a business you can’t expect to make money of it. You can only hope it will be a success, if that seems unfair to you, then you are hardly cut out to own your own business. You don’t seem to understand that other people doesn’t owe you, or your business, a living, and if your business can’t survive it will be your own fault.

        • If you don’t owe a business anything, than do not go to the site. You are essentially stealing their content by blocking attempts at making measly few pennies that helps pay for the bandwidth, power, and space of the server the site is hosted on. You have it backwards my friend. We as site owners do not owe you anything, we do not have to provide you with content.
          I think all sites should block any users using Ad-Block. The sites don’t make anything from them anyways, they just suck money out of the pockets of the company/private blogger.

          • I most certainly am not stealing, everything is still there when I leave. If I truly stole, things would disappear, with adblock the money is never truly there, thus they do not disappear, thus I do not steal.
            But good luck building a business with that attitude. All business’ owe their very existence to those who use it. But if you do not owe us anything, try existing as a business without us, that is everyone else but you, I assure, you can’t.
            Which brings me back to my original point. If you can’t make money from your business, YOU are doing something wrong, not everybody else. And nobody promised you the world would be fair, nobody promised you that you could make a living just by starting your own business.

          • If you pirate a game/movie/music it is still there, and it’s stealing. Your argument is weak.
            Why do you block ads on legitimate sites? Why wouldnt you want to support sites you frequent? Why would you want to contribute to the loss of revenue on those sites you frequent, and potentially lose that? You want everyone else to pay for it so you can freeload right? You want everyone else to spend many countless hours on something you benefit from in some way for free, without any gratitude given by you.
            Sure, the existence of clients/visitors is of utmost importance, but if everyone was a freeloader like yourself, there would be no businesses, no websites, no entertainment. You are lucky there are still people who do not freeload so you can enjoy it, but someday..maybe not in your lifetime so you probably don’t care, the internet will not be as free as it is now, and it will be thanks to people like you.

          • Copyright infringement is not stealing, otherwise it would just be called theft. Stealing needs physical objects, it’s stealing if I nick the game/blu-ray/cd from the store, if I download it illegally it’s a copyright infringement.
            Why? basically because I do not care about the sites, I don’t have favourite sites that I feel any special obligation towards protecting, because in the end, they are just business’. If facebook were to close another site would just take its place, same goes for any other site on the web. No one is irreplaceable, on the web double so. If you, or any other site, want me to stop using adblockers, start using text only ads, then I’ll gladly turn it off. Until then, I’ll just have to assume that nobody wants my business. For the same reason I have actually disabled my adblocker for google, their ads do not annoy me.
            True, if everyone did use adblock you would have to find another way of making money of your site. But if that ever did happen, the only ones who would be to blame, would be the content creators, who used a bad business model. Your visitors are not to be blamed for your failed business model, that rests solely on you, yourself. If that was ever to happen, it would be the websites who are to blame, they pushed people to use adblock, they brought it on themselves. And calling adblock users thieves and freeloaders are not likely to make anybody change sides, that will almost certainly, only give you animosity.

          • When you take something that is meant to be paid for, and you don’t pay for it. That is stealing, not copyright infringement. I am not sure you know about the vast unique content on the internet that is not replaceable, that has original creators.
            Again, you have a weak argument. You have no solid reason to use an adblocker other than just being a complete and utter freeloader. Ads are not a bad business model, its how TV Networks stay alive, its how newspapers and magazines get a lot of their revenue, its how professional sports bring in extra revenue, I could go on forever. Just admit, you are a freeloader. You are the guy who will go to the grocery store when they are giving free samples, and sit there eating until all of the free samples are gone, you probably go to all you can eat buffets and bring your own doggy bag.
            Its ok man. Keep using adblocker, you are entitled to do so. Just as website owners are entitled to block you from visiting their site. Not all sites need visitors both non adblock and adblock. Blogs, and static content sites could careless if adblocker users visit the site, all those users do is cost them money.
            Good luck, you greedy freeloader.

          • Meant to be paid for? What the fuck does that mean, you imbecile? I ‘meant to be paid for’ drinking beer, AND YOU SONS OF BITCHES AREN’T PAYING ME!
            Go fuck yourself. IP is just a scam to keep the corporate oligarchs rich and useless faggot scribblers employed at rates they don’t deserve. Your kind all deserve to get cancer in your dicks.

          • Let me ask you: When spoiled, snot-nosed little cocksuckers like you who believe that you’re entitled to have everything exactly the way you want it cause the death of the free Web, then who will be to blame?
            Do the world a favor and go kill yourself before you breed. We have more than enough self-centered fucktards polluting the gene pool.

          • haha, oh boy this is one of the funniest things i ever read, a wee bit aggressive are we?
            And don’t worry, I won’t be offing myself in a long while, where would the funny be in that? lol

          • Sorry to hear that. I was hoping you’d take my advice.
            By the way, I just finished publishing another non-javascript way of annoying you snot-nosed whiners by defeating your shitty plugin. I do get a lot of joy out of this.

          • Intellectual property is a fucking scam, too, you dumbass piece of shit. All you whores who make money off that shit should starve. I’m glad you’re not making money, I’ll piss on your grave.

          • Fuck you, you stupid faggot. They put that content into an open forum and they’re bitching because people are looking at it. Get AIDS, you dumb cunt. If your slut wife walks around naked I am not ‘raping’ her because I look at her fat ass. Go kill yourself with a knife.

        • Run ads that fall under the “non-intrusive” exception list? That seems to work, and it has the additional advantage of not being annoying which results in a higher chance of return visitors.

    • If you sign up for our services, you are able to see all the donations made to your site. It’s a very transparent process.

      • I already signed but only see amount of donations. I cannot see who and which amount donated. And donations amount is not regular amount that i selected as monthly. I mean for example i selected $2 for monthly, but donations amount show $22.7. How can this possible and do you get commission for donations?

  • AdBlock Plus is currently blocking all the listings on one of our websites ( advertising pet friendly places to stay. This is absurd. The website exists as an advertising medium for mainly individual owners of holiday properties. All of the adverts which have been blocked are static – no Flash, no pop-ups, no unwanted extras. The people who visit the site are there solely because they want to look at the adverts and find a place to stay with their pet. What’s the harm in that? And what gives AdBlock the right to act like state censors? We’ve asked them to whitelist the site but if they refuse to do so we face having to shut it down.

    • I hope your site shuts down and someone else comes up with a way to deal with technology.
      I bet you thought you were hot sh#t when you didn’t have to worry about it.
      this is the future. live with it.

        • well you’re right in one regard. The truth is “unpleasant and unhelpful”.
          Here’s a clue:
          learn to live with technology and change or be buried by it.
          And I didn’t insult you. an insult my be something like this: “you’re an idiot if you believe adblock is the reason your site is failing”. I didn’t write that about you.
          learn the difference, pal.

          • Patronising as well as stupid! My point all along, which you have plainly not understood, is that Adblock can affect websites which have a perfectly valid and useful function, ie, to present advertisers to their niche audience. People don’t visit our website, for example, unless they are interested in the services we list as adverts. But Adblock has in the past blocked the paid-for listings on our site, which I believe is both unethical and pointless. I’m glad to say we have got round the problem. Can I respectfully suggest that rather than posting comments about subjects you know nothing about, you concentrate your efforts on making useful contributions to debates.

          • you’re not getting it. adblock isn’t and never was the problem. it was your website. I would quote you back to yourself but it isn’t worth it.
            YOU added nothing and your claims are dubious. if your site fails it’ll be because no one liked your content.
            live with the facts, pal.

          • Nah, your just a troll, go back in you hole you little Trolly troll. No one likes people like you anyway man you sound like a dick.

          • my site has not only not failed. I know how to neutralize adblock entirley. many others have too.
            hating because you haven’t is meaningless to me.

          • just because you dislike facts doesn’t make it okay for you to call names.
            shame on you, pal.

        • nice language, pal.
          you’re upset because your content is lacking?
          that doesn’t make it appropriate to curse and call me names.

  • Users have the mentality that the internet is free, but they do not realise that the internet can only be free because web site owners make money from ads. Ad blockers will one of these days be the reason why the internet will not be free no more. Even google needs the revenue from ads on google. So go on, block the ads, one of these days you will have to pay to read certain web sites and I know those same people will then complain because it is not free anymore.

    • wrong.
      you WANT to make money using advertisements. that isn’t the only way to make money. I paid adblock for their product because they asked and it’s a good product. have sh#tty website? you probably won’t be getting any money.
      live with that, pal.

      • You’re just saying you don’t want to have ads appear, so you don’t care if the sites you use (for free), and the workers behind those sites (whose product you benefit from), ever can receive any money for it or stay in business.
        The best websites are just as hurt by adblock as the worst, obviously, and the best, which don’t resort to abusive tactics, will be the worst off without honest means of income like ads.
        No publisher WANTS to use ads (that I know of). It is how they are able to continue providing their service (and usually just barely).

        • look, pal.
          that isn’t what I’m saying at all. YOU are just saying youre too lazy to find a way to make revenue from your site.
          YOU are the reason adblock exists. the best websites have ways to earn revenue without ridiculous popups and intrusive ads. content is another way. if you can’t figure out how to integrate content and ads and allowing people to choose whether or not they are advertised to, your website might die out.
          nothing wrong with that. and good riddance.
          thanks for your input and allowing me to educate you, pal.

          • No, you’re just being ignorant and saying whatever you like. There are no obtrusive ads on our site, but like 99% of every media you have ever consumed in your life, it exists (free) because of ads.
            The more of you there are, the less free content there will be, because the people who don’t block ads are the reason all the sites you visit exist.

          • wrong again, pal.
            you’re not a person to question me. And I don’t need to legitimize my online behavior in the face of your ignorance.
            yet, the sites I choose to pay for I pay for them BECAUSE of the value I find in them, not because I feel sorry for some ignorant person who can’t figure out a way to do business other than intrusive ads on a ridiculous and obviously meaningless website.
            more and more people are blocking websites. the websites that are thriving have figured out how to effectively use the basic ideas learned at any 100 level college writing class. just because you don’t have a clue doesn’t mean everyone else is suffering.
            thank you for your opinion and the illustration, pal.

          • You’re kind of defeating your own argument, buddy boy.
            You said yourself you pay for some of the sites you visit, lol, when they could easily be free with advertising, advertising which doesn’t have to be intrusive or insane. AdBlock doesn’t care if an ad is intrusive or not, it blocks just about everything, that’s why you’re spending money to visit these sites in the first place… Which is hilarious. Instead of getting that exact same content for free and having others (companies) pay for it, you’re actually paying for the exact same content out of your own pocket and for some reason you think this is a good thing.
            On top of that, these sites that you pay to visit won’t last, they can’t earn enough revenue to survive long term or expand as has been reported by the majority of companies doing a pay wall. The very fact that you’re paying for the content is a sign of the sites downfall, ironic right? Their content will become increasingly poor over time until they can’t operate any longer or have to cut services, that’s the reality of not getting paid enough for your services in ANY industry.
            Why would someone provide you with all of this amazing content you speak of, for free? They won’t, that’s not how the real world works. No one puts effort into content for free, quite frankly thats stupid, anyone who actually makes content knows that, except you apparently, probably because you don’t make anything except ridiculous comments that end in “pal”. You’re going to be paying for more and more content as time goes by because great content is affected as well, then that site won’t earn enough from people who choose to pay (you) because there’s not enough of you out there to keep all these sites alive.
            There are very few solutions, ask users to turn Ad Block off, make ads even larger and more obvious by reviewing products or services in an article-like format or ask your users to donate, which to me is even worse than or the same as a normal non-intrusive ad.
            You have to consider (i know, you won’t pal) sites that don’t sell a product or service, but only offer information. Like oh I don’t know, Wikipedia, which has to get a massive amount of donations from its users to keep all this “good content” alive, it’s still not enough. Oh and how do they get those donations? Through banner ads on their own site… Even, arguably, one of the best information sites out there can barely survive on the model you’re advocating, at the very least they can not expand to offer you all this great content you speak of in the fantasy world that you apparently live in. That great content that you value so much is not going to exist in a few years unless the company producing it has deep pockets, yay no more internet for the people, just for large corporations!
            “Various Wikimedia projects such as Wikiversity, Wikinews, etc. are stagnating and would be greatly helped by more money. Wikiversity is not doing very well. The main problem is the poor funding mechanism, the annual Wikipedia fundraising. Accepting ads on Wikiversity pages could solve that problem.” – Wikipedia
            None of the sites you visit will ever have more visitors looking for good information/content than Wikipedia, period. If Wikipedia can’t do it on donations alone and is considering ads then how do you expect anyone with less resources to do it? They can’t, that’s reality pal. And if you think Wikipedia would survive on a pay wall system, I’ve got a couple of bridges to sell you.
            Another example, all education sites, I know you don’t visit them a lot but many people like myself are self taught through websites that offer educational information for free on things like Animation, Programming, Web Design, etc. great, all those sites are now struggling and will have to shut down, yay no more free education, everyone gets to pay to learn anything!
            Another example, New York Times, 1 million subscribers to their paywall, omg amazing right?! Now how many of those 1 million will be willing to pay again for another service? And another? And another? Right now they don’t need to, it’s free, but that won’t last forever. How long will they stay? Is the 1 million enough for NYT to expand and offer better services? To hire more people? Is the subscriber count going to climb forever? Yeah right. Even good sites will die out under this model simply by not being first regardless of whether their content is more amazing or not, there’s simply not enough people and money to go around since currently everything is FREE (because it’s paid for by companies not citizens) and a lot of people (like you) seem to forget that.
            Lastly, since you know of so many, please name one thriving company that puts out great content that does not sell a product or service to keep themselves alive. What sites are you visiting that you pay to visit, that only offer content and not an actual service? 🙂
            TL:DR; Information sites, education sites and smaller sites that don’t sell products or services directly will all die under this model or go pay wall and eventually die anyway because they won’t earn enough revenue from paying customers to keep themselves alive or to expand their services or offerings. This includes sites like Wikipedia which has had to resort to advertising in the past to stay alive and currently doesn’t get enough from donations to expand its services.
            There’s no easy solution for people who offer great content, but sell nothing. If they can not survive on donations they will simply cease to exist and the internet will be controlled only by people with a lot of money, aka corporations, remember they’re people too! 😛
            P.S. I use Ad Block, it’s not like the ad industry does not share the blame for the situation there in, more on the security side than the annoyance side. I also make “information” websites and own a business. I can support my information sites with my business earnings without issue. If an information site I was running even got a fraction as popular as Wikipedia (as in it had such good content that everyone wanted to come to it) there’s no way I could pay for the server costs through the earnings of the information site itself, which would be 0 dollars and 0 cents (Like Wikipedia). At that point I would bring in advertising, but right now this is not as viable of an option, so even though I have content that people want to use regularly, they are not willing to pay for it (Like Wikipedia, no ones going to pay for that information, even though it’s the most amazing source of info out there.) so I would eventually just be paying for the site with my own money out of the kindness of my own heart, go donation and not make enough, go paywall and lose all my customers or I’d shut the site down. It’s a hard problem to solve, lucky in my case, I can afford to continue out of the goodness of my own heart, most people can’t. 😛

          • wow!
            that was whole lot of whining.
            I will say thank you for the illustration of the unbalanced individuals that are upset pushing their abusive, intrusive, and overbearing ads on the rest of us no longer works.
            I doubt the sites I visit and happily pay for will go out of business in the short term. And if and when they do. I’ll just find another.
            I do recognize that YOUR site is suffering. you’re here.

          • Mister O. Locke, I would like to ask you few questions.
            What will you do with all the people that doesn’t have money like you to pay! Also I would like to ask you if you actually know how many people are browsing on the internet and what % of that people can’t afford paying for all the content they so much like to “browse”? Do you actually know how many people are wishing to access the content on the internet and you are going to make them to pay? Do you have enough imagination to imagine how many people will you leave without access because they can’t afford it?
            On the other hand –
            Do you have any idea how many people doesn’t have any other option to earn something than using this advertising methods? Do you know how many people actually have no opportunities because of other people “blocking” the opportunities?
            Just for you to know, I can feel YOU recognize people suffering, and you actually feel better with that. Also I can see, like others here, that you are a very ignorant person. You practically ignore people that can’t pay and you just tell them to live with that!
            You obviously don’t understand some things just because you have what you need, and as you are so ignorant you can live with it.
            I am completely sure that you don’t even think about that one of the most used internet services like YouTube is actually paid from advertisement, the same ads you block! But the people that are not like you keep it serving my friend. And they will keep doing it. For your information YouTube for example is launching their monthly subscription which eliminates those ads that so much bother you.
            So, this is what it’s going to be – you are going to pay and never again see ads, and people that are not like you will still use the same service and are not going to pay and won’t bother with some ads from time to time. Live with it 😉

          • whew!
            Look, pal.
            you whiners are something extraordinary! I wonder what your position is on free trade. we can be sure that whatever it is you don’t care so long as you have your cheap goods.
            you don’t care about the suffering of others. do you or can you understand how this subject relates to free trade? protectionism for you? cost to others be [email protected]?
            And the number of internet users and the people that can pay for a thing are irrelevant. if a person can afford internet access they can afford small subscription fees. how would those people afford their computers or the connection and monthly payments?
            intrusive ads are one way to make money but you can also get a job and stop whining to me about not being able to annoy others. you don’t get to have a monopoly on information so if you don’t want provide it and enable yourself with creative ways to earn revenue don’t.
            someone else will take your place. And they will earn revenue by being creative not by whining.

          • Your stupid bitching about ADBlock is offensive to me, you subhuman scum.

        • The problem is online advertisers use fraudulent, malicious and criminal practices to hijack your internet connection. It ruins websites with false click bait. I have no respect for anyone that works in online advertising or “data mining” or “metrics”.
          Dont pretend it is a noble profession, they are scum.

        • Good. Your shitty, annoying business model and clickbait goes away OH NO! Fuck yourself in the ass with a claw hammer, faggot.

      • Check this, I have a nice website , full of good informations, and I worked a lot for that website, oke? I have returning visitors about 30% , so I have great content. But you see , to make money the people must see those ads. But the people can’t see my ad, and I lose money. I mean check this , you search for some information, and I did work hard so you can get that information, all it cost you it’s to see 1 ad. All of you think that you deserve everything for free, dude, wake up , we work for you, and we deserve too something in exchange. I will try to block people who use adblock, because guess what, it’s my website, and my website has value and does not need people who are ungrateful.

        • and you will lose site traffice.
          get with the program and accept technology or have your website go under, pal.
          the fact is that there are other ways to advertise than intrusive malware style ads. you might not like that but there it is.
          thanks for the illustration of a person that is upset because an industry isn’t able to keep up with technology.
          for some reason in my head I hear the people that made typwriters saying the same things about their revenue when computers started selling.
          live with the facts, pal.

          • sure, pal.
            just because you dislike the facts doesn’t make me a “troll”. it makes yo ua person unable to live with technology.
            thanks for your input and allwoing me to educate you, pal.

          • I call you a troll because of this “other ways to advertise than intrusive malware style ads.” How did you get the conclusion that I have intrusive malware ad? You just speak because you like to speak , troll

        • What’s funny is it’s 2021 now and these m************ have destroyed the internet with all their f****** ads it’s not even if it’s not even anything but a chore in the displeasure to get on the line anymore and try to get any information not without a bunch of f****** spam desk fake websites that have your search query typed into them!

        • Hey this is 2021 pulling you over dude there’s like not one person on the internet now who only forces you to see one ad YouTube posters included it’s despicable and I’m one of them people who doesn’t block ads for my entire life on the internet like 20 years I think I should buy a block but probably doesn’t even work anymore

    • Even for those who will only ever take from the internet, Adblock is a question of ecosystem. The web continues because of advertising (99% of publishing does). Most content online is free already. All those publishers want is a chance that 1 out of 100 people will want to visit the page the ad represents. There is no force or abuse. Adblock-enabled browsers are getting into the higher double-digits now, cutting down revenue (for already free sites) possibly 30 percent already, and rising. This means laying off writers, independent writers stopping writing to do other jobs, webmasters closing websites rather than pay to keep them running (server costs, management time, and dozens of other things).
      More adblock means less good free content. Simple.
      It means you will get all your content without ads, yes, but new good content will stop, and old good content will become (to a small degree) unavailable because no one will be interested in hosting/maintaining it.

      • whiners will always whine.
        solve the problem, pal.
        stop blaming your problems on other people. Tivo hasn’t killed primetime. the radio hasn’t destroyed recording.
        the organizations that die off are the ones clawing for the past and fighting the future.
        sink or swim.

        • The radio survives because of advertising.
          That’s ignorant.
          What will die off is almost all free content. What will be left is content that is paid and content that is selling a particular product.

          • oh, really, pal?
            you aremaking the smae argument they made about the radio, about tapes, about VCRs, about the internet.
            YOU are the problem.
            keep fighting the future.
            you’re going to lose.
            thanks for your input and the illustration of the ignorant trump supporter that can’t understand – how them crazy kids with their gadgets do all that “STUFF”, pal.

          • It sound like you are trying to convince yourself that you’re not doing anything wrong.
            You don’t understand this issue at all, if you are comparing free media to tapes, VCRs and other paid products/services.
            What will be lost (by all) is free internet content.

          • look, pal.
            I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. and I can’t wait till you put your garbage behind a paywall. that means the majority of us will continue to ignore it.
            ignorance must be bliss. adblock isn’t the issue IT IS YOUR CONTENT! stop blaming everyone else for the grabage you throw up on your ridiculous website.
            thanks for illustrating to us someone who is fighting the future, pal.
            and losing.

          • You’re just totally ignorant and don’t want to consider the actual situation. I think anyone reading your comments will know this, though.
            The point of adblock is that the quality sites are damaged, not just “garbage” (another point you know nothing about, obviously).
            You are exploiting a system where other people (the people who allow ads) overall pay for free content, while you take the content and deny the people who make it a chance to earn revenue for the site you enjoy for free.
            I say this with certainty because almost every site on the internet uses ads in order to function, including YouTube, Google itself, social media sites, etc., and I expect you visit free websites.

          • look, pal.
            you keep making the same assumption without any facts. I KNOW you’re doing that. I’m happy you owned up to it. now we can agree that your comment is both ignorant and ridiculous in light of your admission.
            YOU are the one with the problem. whatever low rate site that you run that requires pop-ups/banners/noise making intrusive flash marketing is the problem.
            get with the program, pal.
            And a person reading my comments should recognize that I’m not fighting the future.
            you’re losing here, pal.

          • more whining.
            look, pal.
            google/facebook/CNN/Fox have figured out how to get passed adblock. YOU just havent received the memo.
            the principle of the advertorial has not escaped them.
            I will say that adblock does block monetized channels. but even THAT is an issue that can be changed and confronted with ingenuity and not whining.
            the only ignorance is the ignorant position that software is or add-ons should change because you have shoddy product. we can be sure typewriter companies made the same arguments you just did. go find them now. the only ones that made it are the ones who didn’t fight the future.
            get with the program or fail.
            thanks for your input and allowing me to educate you, pal.

          • Thank you, Jesse Martinez, not only for your considerable efforts to explain the details of the internet ecosystem here, but also for making some very strong, well-put points!

      • J Munce is right. Free stuff will just disapear and be replaced with content you have to pay for. I own multiple websites with free content and these days, revenues are going down because of AdBlock. So I have 2 choices, sell my free content or close down. You can’t make money other ways than show Ads or Sell your stuff…

      • You’re missing a part of the equation, and you’re trying to treat the symptom rather than the cause.
        Yes, more adblock equals less free content. But what causes people to use ad blockers is annoying, forceful, resource-intensive ads. If advertisers stuck to static image banners or simple gif animations, people wouldn’t be nearly as incentivized to block them. For the record, I actually run a special exception rule that allows non-intrusive ads, and this is actually the default setting for Ad Block Plus which is the most commonly used ad blocker.
        You can block adblockers, which doesn’t really fix your revenue problem since people will either stop going to your site or will install scripts that defeat said adblocker blockers, or you can manage your ads so that they’re not forced into people’s faces and still get a majority of the revenue you got before.
        Sure, some people will still use ad blockers even then. You can’t please everyone. But if you just block ad blockers you’re not going to please anyone.

    • Webmasters have the mentality that users are free. So I will go on, block the ads, and none of the days will pay to read certain web sites and you know will not complain because the site anyways won’t exist anymore.

    • I don’t have that mentality at all. I’m fine if there’s a banner on top of a web page or something.
      The problem comes when you start pushing ads in people’s faces. I’d honestly rather pay to access a webpage than have a huge animated overlay force me to sit through a minute-long ad for a product I KNOW I’ll never use. Why? Because that ad wastes my time, eats my bandwidth and system resources, and most of all is the equivalent of the newspaper company having one of their sales reps force a bunch of full-page ads in my face.
      I guarantee that if someone came up to YOU and did that, you’d punch them in the face – and you’d have every right to do so since they were technically assaulting you. Even if you don’t, I’m sure you’d NEVER want to buy whatever they wanted you to buy.
      I run Ad Block Plus in “allow some non-intrusive advertising” mode. I still see “image with link” banners and similar ads. What I don’t see is the stuff that gets in your face, hogs your bandwidth and wastes your time. This is in fact the default setting for Ad Block Plus.

    • Then turn it off, I don’t give a shit. If you can’t make money on the interwebs go get a real job, you useless parasites.

  • You write: “Paywalls may work for some sites, but not for those containing content that can easily be found elsewhere.” Exactly. Are such sites really necessary? If they die, will anyone miss them? No.

  • When a business model fails, you don’t bitch about it like a child. Find another platform or working model to generate revenue. People don’t give a rats ass if you are able to sustain yourself or not. They don’t want ads, they will not turn off AdBlock. Everyone should have Adblock!

      • I love it when you talk dirty. I love you, you are gorgeous . Want a hug or would you like to hug the AD Blocker logo (ABP)?

          • Oh yea baby!! Keep talking dirty, I love it, I love you and you love AD BLOCKER your just in denial, but that’s OK, because I LOVE YOU.

    • I don’t allow people on my site that use AdBlocker and i don’t want them there either, you all can go fuck yourselves I still do great.

  • As far as I’m concerned, Adblock users are just a bunch of spoiled, snot-nose brats with entitlement mentalities. They don’t deserve to be “engaged,” “appreciated,” or “respected.” In fact, I do everything I possibly can to annoy them, from redirects to ponderous levels of nested divs with banned id’s around my content. Anything I can do to piss them off, I do. I’ve actually gotten up in the middle of the night just to implement some new method of annoying them.
    The most recent forks of ABP and its Pale Moon analogue (Adblock Latitude or some such thing) don’t even include the “acceptable ads” exclusion, as dubious as the premise that Adblock users have the right to determine what is “acceptable” may be. These spoiled brats have made it clear that they want to freeload content from people who worked hard to produce and distribute it, and they are unwilling to view any ads at all in return.
    So I say fsck ’em. Let them go whine, cry, complain about how terribly unfair it is that they should have to look at a fscking ad, or jump off a bridge and kill themselves for all I give a sh!t. They’re utterly worthless, whining little entitlement whores whose attitude evidences their selfishness and general uselessness to the advancement of the human specie.

    • I love you Miss GeekOnTheHill, but I have to comment that the notion of a criticism a person is making of another could equally well apply to themself, that be you? Man, you are a gorgeous honey pot sweetheart.

    • Good luck forcing viewers with the annoyingads. Even if you wanted to host it free, you should have hosted your web in weebly.

    • As far as I see it, you’re overgeneralizing. I only use adblock plus to prevent heavy flash and java applet ads from hogging bandwidth and wasting my time. I actually run an exception rule that lets non-intrusive ads through.

  • So reading most of the posts here I see that the big thing is “internet is not free” “it costs developers time and money” “advertising is the only way to offset the cost”, I have taken classes for web design, I know what goes into making and maintaining a site. Here’s why everyone is turning to ad blockers, THEY ARE TOO INTRUSIVE AND ANNOYING. When I visit sites, if I get ads that interrupt me as I am trying to find information or something I am specifically looking for, I will make a mental note to never ever use that business again. What the hell is wrong with placing ads in one spot. What the hell is wrong with just having ads that only “POP UP” when you actually click on them. I really don’t think the advertisers would like it if I came to their business, and poked them in the ribs every 5 seconds to get their attention while they are trying to do their work.
    Just like every alcohol commercial out today, ads are fine in “moderation”. When you go overboard (as every site has) people get pissed the hell off.

  • I block ads in every device I own from Android phones/tables to iPhones/iPads and computers.
    On my Android devices, I have them rooted an run Adaway which modifies the hosts file and blocks ads in any browser as well as apps served in apps I download from the Google play store.
    On my iPhone/iPad, I have them all jailbroken and use an app called Adblock. You simply choose what apps/browsers to block ads in and it does it. Apps are getting just as bad as website in serving ads by making the user view a full screen ad before getting access to the app. I no longer have that problem. They also started randomly redirectiong users to the play store to view some stupid game that I would never want to play. I no longer have that problem either.
    On my Surface Pro 3, I use a hosts file that blocks thousands of ad servers from doing their job in anything I do whether its an app from MSN to IE or Firefox.
    If I come to a site that wants me to pay after reading one sentence of an article, I search Google for another site that has that article for free. Either way, I win, you lose. It’s may payback for all the forced ads and voices that I could not figure out where they were coming from only to discover an ad popunder.
    I don’t even watch TV due to the endless commercials and I buy all my TV shows ad free from iTunes. Last time I watched TV was over three years ago.
    I have yet to come across a website that has asked me to disable my adblocker before I could access their site. Most of them feel it’s just not worth the trouble.

  • Google paid advertisements can be hide if someone is using VPN as it will change country IP address so advertiser can not target the audience of them. If someone is fade up with google ads and want to hide so here VPN software is the best option for them to use.

  • Two options I am considering (because adblock-blocker plugins seem to be able to be blocked by adblock). If anyone can provide code for these, it would be appreciated. Our site is already free and ads unobtrusive. All Adblock does is deny our hardworking writers any chance of earning any income.
    1. Conditional statement. IF ad not displayed, don’t show page / use alternate css / show massive image that blocks page)
    2. CSS. Two options in CSS. If ad displayed, fine. If ad not displayed, display a massive image (which blocks page).
    3. Wrap content in script of the ad.

    • 4. Use less-intrusive ads. Not only will these not annoy your users, but they’ll fall under the “show some non-intrusive advertisements” exception that most ad-blockers have active by default.

  • This whole movement to stop adblockers is a bunch of bull. I will always make an effort to block all advertising. I always show anyone i meet how to install adblockers and block all ads. Nobody likes advertising. They will just have to find another way.

  • To hell with online advertisers, it is the sleeziest profession and most of your bandwidth stolen by ad servers. I have no sympathy for them, misdirection redirection. It is a myth that the internet is somehow paid for by these crooks. The internet bandwidth is practically free, the majority of cost paid for by taxpayers.

  • These pricks are running scared because smart people have figured out how to stop most online advertising. The use of secure http connections has been ruined by these online criminal scum. They steal your personal info invade your privacy and sell it to anyone willing to pay. Lowest form of existence, does nothing at all for humanity.

  • By law, all online advertisers and data miners should be required to disclose a complete list of their servers names and ip addresses. It should also be illegal to use secure or encrypted connections to force ads.
    Tired of that advertising dick up your ass? Get a router with site blocking. I have list of thousands of servers that can be blocked. The sleaze like pagefair iare getting smarter and more evil, using secure connections which are impossible to block individually. There are some great resources with lists of the most heinous of these miserable advertising pricks. If all of them went away, there would still be internet sites and it would be so much better.

  • im already paying to use the internet, no one is getting single extra penny out of me, for any reason. Some website owner starves and dies? I DONT CARE>

  • It’s one thing to have advertisement to pay for a web page, it’s quite another to assault your visitors with so many ads that it overloads their web browsers.

  • I will say that adblock does block monetized channels. but even THAT is an issue that can be changed and confronted with ingenuity and not whining.
    abc ya

  • I’m never buying any shit you’re advertising and if you don’t like it you can go fuck yourself. Go get a real job, you subhuman parasites.

  • I like your idea of donating Some Amount for Ad Free experience as it help us to run our Website Smoothly. Right now, I show Popup Message to appeal users to Disable Ad Blocker. 🙂

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